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Buncombe County Traffic Citations – Risk Free Legal Service

State Bar rules prohibit me from giving you a guarantee on my service.  What I can do is give you a risk-free satisfaction guarantee.  If I am not able to obtain the results outlined in paragraphs 1-2 below, you don’t pay for my service.  If you retain me to represent you on your traffic citation, at no point will you have to appear in court.

In an attempt to relieve you of the stress that comes along with receiving a traffic ticket:  I will make an appearance on your behalf and negotiate with the District Attorney’s office completely free of charge; if I am not able to reduce or dismiss your speeding ticket, I will not collect a penny for my service.

Although I’ve traveled the world serving in the military, being from the South, I have never forgot that a person is nothing if they can’t honor their word.  While I can’t legally make any guarantee regarding any particular outcome concerning your case, I know the law and the limits placed on the District Attorney’s office.  I also know their policies and procedures.  What I can personally guarantee is that if I take you on as a client and I can’t reduce or dismiss your case (details below) then I will not collect an attorney fee.  Text, e-mail or fax me a copy of your citation and I will respond personally within 24 hours.  If you call during business hours, I will likely be in court.  If I am not available, please leave a message with my staff.  They will obtain the information that I need to review your case and call you for our free consultation.  Based on your charge/s, I will be able to determine if I am able to assist you.

I will not waste your time, or your money, if I believe I am not able to have the ticket reduced or dismissed, I will not take you on as a client.  I will be upfront and honest with you regarding what I believe I can achieve for you.  Most importantly, I will NOT change my fee from what you see quoted below.

1)       Speeding under 89 MPH and/or speeding less than 25 miles over the limit, you pay the $188 cost of court plus a fine of $75 in exchange for an “improper equipment” violation.  “Improper equipment” is essentially you admitting something was wrong with your “speedometer”.  My fee for this service is $110.  Total, $373.00.  This will result in a non-moving violation on your record and will not increase your insurance points.  If you were charged with an additional minor traffic violation in the same incident, I will likely be able to have it dismissed with no additional fee or fine.

2)       Speeding more than 25 miles over the limit, BUT still under 89 MPH, by law you’re not eligible for an improper equipment.  However, I will likely be able to secure you a reduction to 9-over the limit.  Insurance companies in NC will grant a waiver for one speeding ticket (9-over the limit) every three years.  However, if you get a second ticket during that same three-year period, the insurance company will increase your rates based on BOTH tickets, so beware.  The cost of court is $198 and the fine is $10.  My fee remains $110.  Total $318.  If you were charged with an additional minor traffic violation at the same time you were charged with the speeding offense, I will likely be able to have it dismissed with no additional fee.

3)       For speeding over 90 MPH, total fee is $650.  This rate of speed is very difficult to deal with without an attorney.  While I have had success in the past, every case is unique and requires me to craft a defense which will require me to negotiate extensively with an assistant district attorney (ADA).  I will most likely be able to reduce your charge down to one that will not result in your license being suspended.  I will pay the court fees/fine out of the $650 and no money will be refunded.  Your fine/fee will be negotiated with the ADA and I expect to pay anywhere from $225-$300 to the court on your behalf.

4)       For minor traffic violations (failure to stop at a stop sign/steady red light, failure to reduce speed, lane violations, illegal right, etc.), my fee is the same price as the cost of court and associated fine.  If I am unable to have the charge COMPLETELY dismissed, then you don’t owe me anything.   To be clear, as there are a great many non-speeding violations that are considered “minor”, the violations in paragraphs 1-3 above are not minor.  If I take you on as a client, I will collect the fine/fee total shown on your citation as my attorney fee with an eye toward dismissal.  If I am not able to have the case dismissed, then you don’t owe any additional money and I will send you a receipt showing that the money paid to me was turned over to the court system.  Please note, you will have to pay me the entire fine/fee upfront.  I don’t think there are any other attorney’s that are willing to put their money where their mouth is!  You have nothing to lose.  If you want to pay the fine/fee yourself and just resolve the ticket, allow me to try for a dismissal; if I can’t get the dismissal, then you have not spent a penny more than planned.

Traffic Violations Increases Your Insurance:  Rates by Company

How much your insurance will go up after a ticket depends on how many other violations are on your record, how fast you were going/what you have been convicted on the current citation and how your insurer surcharges for a traffic violation.  But in general, expect your rates to increase 20 to 30 percent, on average, according to a rate analysis done by Insure.com.  That’s about $300 to $430 per policy term for three years.

Company Average rate Rate after ticket % increase $ increase
Nationwide $1,598 $1,900 19% $302
Allstate $1,868 $2,239 20% $371
Farmers $1,753 $2,146 24% $393
State Farm $1,400 $1,807 27% $407
Progressive $1,483 $1,916 31% $433
Geico $1,109 $1,449 31% $340

Please note, if you are paying with a credit or debit card, I will have to charge you a three-percent processing fee.  That is roughly $12 for an improper equipment, $10 for a 9-over and $20 for speeding over 90 miles per hour.  If you want to avoid that surcharge (which is required by the card company) then you have the option to mail in a check or money order.  I am also able to process an electronic check if you provide your checking account and routing number.  I will pay the fee to process an electronic check.

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