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Relentless advocacy for victims of auto accidents, slip and falls, and pedestrian accidents

Personal injury is the area of the law that holds people accountable for the harm they cause through carelessness, recklessness or deliberate criminal acts. The injured party has the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that someone who had a duty to be careful violated that duty by directly causing an event that left the victim injured. If the victim can make that case, he or she is entitled to damages, the legal term for the economic and noneconomic losses the victim suffered. The Law Office of Anthony R. Morrow in Rutherfordton represents victims of personal injury throughout western North Carolina. As your advocate, it is our duty to fight for the maximum damage award possible given the facts of your case. We apply all of our legal knowledge, skill and experience to this task.

Damages available for a North Carolina personal injury case

Damages a jury can award for personal injury include:

  • Medical expenses, present and future, related to the injury
  • Loss of income, present and future, because of the injury
  • Physical pain
  • Mental suffering
  • Loss of quality of life, enjoyment of life, and/or consortium

For serious, life-changing injuries, a damage recovery can be substantial. But a victim must act quickly. The North Carolina statute of limitations allows three years from the date of an accident to sue for damages. Your case is strongest when you hire an attorney immediately, who can investigate to preserve physical evidence and witness testimony that could be lost over time.

When you act quickly to strengthen your case, you improve your chances of getting a fair settlement without going to court. But the most important step you can take toward a favorable outcome is to hire a qualified and determined personal injury attorney.

Overcoming North Carolina’s contributory negligence law

North Carolina has one of the strictest laws on contributory negligence in the country. The law holds that if an injured plaintiff is in any way responsible for causing the injury event, he or she cannot recover any compensation at all. The law applies to all personal injury claims, such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and pedestrian accidents. As you might imagine, defendants and their insurance companies are eager to exploit this law to avoid paying compensation for a victim’s injuries.

If you bring a lawsuit for an auto accident or slip and fall, you can expect the defense attorney to attempt to frame the facts in a way that would lead a jury to conclude you were also at fault. Even a one percent finding of fault by a jury would allow a defendant who was 99 percent at fault to escape liability.

To prevent this from happening, your attorney must assemble strong evidence that eliminates contributory negligence as a defense and present that evidence in a compelling manner.

Contact a highly skilled and determined trial lawyer for your personal injury case

The Law Office of Anthony R. Morrow has the knowledge, skill and experience to pursue the maximum damage award possible in your personal injury case. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 828-919-9590 or contact us online. We are located at 185 N. Main Street, Suite L, Rutherfordton, off U.S. 221, but can come to you if circumstances require.

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