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Determined North Carolina Attorney Fights for Injured Plaintiffs and Accused Defendants

Accomplished trial lawyer pursues justice in civil and criminal court

Have you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else or been arrested on criminal charges?   If so, you have to anticipate the worst and hire the best.If you’ve been seriously injured, your future depends on getting full and fair compensation. But what if the insurance company refuses to be reasonable? What if you are being pressured by the insurance company to accept an offer that does not compensate you for the loses you incurred as a result of their negligent policyholder?  Insurance companies are known to "lowball" individuals in order to pad their bottom line.  Don't fall victim to their corrosive tactics; you don't have to be alone in your fight for justice.

If you’re facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, can you see yourself serving the maximum penalty under the law? If that outcomes seem scary, you’re beginning to understand why you need a skilled and aggressive attorney on your side. Were you arrested for a relative minor offense? Did the law enforcement officer inform you that the charges would be "lowered" if you agreed to plead guilty? Have you been overcharged or even charged for a crime that you did not commit? The likely answer to these questions is yes. Law enforcement commonly engages in unnecessary force and overcharging to intimidate defendants into accepting a plea deal that is not in their best interest.

The Law Office of Anthony R. Morrow is able to provide excellent personal injury and criminal defense representation because we have the advanced training, meaningful experience and determination necessary to win. Before you do anything about your case, speak to us.

Highly qualified lawyer protects your rights and delivers results

When you’re facing a crisis caused by an accident or an arrest, the quality of your legal representation can, and will, make all the difference to your case. With Anthony Morrow, you get an attorney with an advanced degree in trial advocacy who directed the investigation and civil prosecution of elder and child abuse as a social services Staff Attorney. Mr. Morrow also served as an Assistant State's Attorney in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois where he appeared in court on a daily basis honing his litigation skills.  While serving as an Assistant State's Attorney, he received in-house training by some of the best criminal prosecutors in the nation. Additionally,  Mr. Morrow managed criminal prosecutions in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the U.S. Air Force. In addition to that experience, we offer:
  • Highly responsive counsel — We provide individualized attention to your case, taking the time to learn all the pertinent facts and provide detailed advice that addresses your urgent concerns. We communicate with you regularly throughout the process and are quick to return phone calls, text messages and emails.
  • Skilled litigation — With advanced trial advocacy training and extensive court experience, we’ve become adept at procedural maneuvers that protect your rights and have sharply honed our trial skills. We are prepared to negotiate fair settlements from a position of strength or aggressively litigate your case in state or federal court to obtain a favorable outcome.
  • Affordable fees — We believe that everyone accused of a crime should have access to excellent legal representation, so we maintain reasonable rates for our services. We accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so we charge no upfront legal fees as we pursue justice for you.
Be sure to make the right choice. See us for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.
Areas of Practice

Skilled representation in Western North Carolina for personal injury and criminal defense

The Law Office of Anthony R. Morrow accepts cases in the following practice areas.
  • Criminal defense — We defend clients accused of traffic violations, DUI/DWI, misdemeanors and felonies. We practice in state and federal court. We have extensive experience with serious charges alleging drug crimes, theft, gun crimes, assault, domestic violence, and homicide. We are adept at defending complex conspiracy charges and allegations of white collar crime including complex federal credit card/fraud indictments. We represent accused service members in court-martial proceedings. We also help clients manage post-arrest or conviction issues, such as expungement of arrest records, and parole or probation violations. Our goal is always to protect your civil rights throughout the process and deliver the best results possible under the facts of your case. So that you’ll know how to protect your rights in an encounter with the police, we recommend you print the American Civil Liberties Union “bust card” and always carry it with you.
  • Personal injury — We represent parties injured by negligent, reckless or deliberate acts or omissions to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible. Our personal injury cases include motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and nursing home abuse.
When you trust us with your case, we respond with the urgency you expect, and we never stop fighting to deliver the results you need.  

Contact a highly skilled trial lawyer for your personal injury or criminal defense case

The Law Office of Anthony R. Morrow has the knowledge, skill and experience to deliver high-quality representation in personal injury and criminal defense cases. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 828-919-9590 or contact us online. Our main office is located at 185 N. Main Street, Suite L, Rutherfordton, off U.S. 221, but can come to you if circumstances require. We also accept serious criminal cases in California and Illinois, please contact us to determine if we are able to assist you.
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